Day One Of 2017 Free Agency or “The Best Moves are the Ones You Don’t Make.”


A rebuild has been inevitable for the New York Jets. Roughly dating back to 2009 the Jets drafting has been atrocious. Mike Tannenbaum frequently traded away picks and the ones he made were average at best or are out of the league. Enter John Idzik – Exit John Idzik… awful, just awful.

Mike MacCagnan has always intended to build the Jets through the draft. BUT, BUT, BUT you say ‘2015, big spending!!!’  Owner Woody Johnson got a bug in his butt after Revis won a Super Bowl in New England and the CBA dictated the team meet a spending floor. These were short term moves, two year contracts at worst as the team has cleared out overpaid, underperforming veterans.

Mac has hit on one superstar (Leonard Williams) AND has smacked several doubles and connected on a few singles. The team has more young talent than it has in a long time – It just needs time to develop. Mac never sacrificed the long term vision of the team even as they gave it the old college try with Fitzpatrick again last year.

Now back to the topic at hand: 2017 Free Agency.  The Jets have been linked to numerous free agents, but they signed none of them. Tony Jefferson and Nick Perry are nice players to have, but are they worth $10 & $12 million per year respectively – HELL NO. They aren’t the best at their position, merely good. The smart money is in week 2 and 3 of free agency.

The smartest teams don’t overpay for talent. Cap management is almost as important as the players you draft. This year is about the draft, it always was.


One thought on “Day One Of 2017 Free Agency or “The Best Moves are the Ones You Don’t Make.”

  1. Good updates. Hope to see gang green rebuild through the draft and via targeted free agents who are hungry or have something to prove and stop the half-hearted attempts to unseat the Pats that we have seen for too long. Seattle is the model I would hope they would employ when Pete Carroll came in (MacCagnan is familiar). They did not have a QB originally then either if you recall. They signed the immortal David Whitehurst. But they did build a tough team exemplified by Marshawn Lynch and tough D. It pays to get lucky once in a while for sure (e.g.Russell Wilson) but patience and a plan usually have a way of working out.


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