The Jets Bake Cupcakes


When was the last time someone made you feel important?

When was the last time someone truly welcomed you into their home or even their family?

Dont'a HightowerThe Jets welcomed Dont’a Hightower into their home as they tried to persuade him to join the team. They celebrated his birthday by personalizing the screens in the facility, presenting cupcakes and sending team gear to his mother. This all sounds trivial and has been the butt of jokes by many media types, however there is an old saying, “The Devil is in the details”

Work under the assumption that whatever monetary offers Hightower gets from the Jets, Patriots, Steelers and whatever other teams will be largely the same. A team that makes you feel like more than just a football player, (because many players do think of themselves as more than just that) that makes you feel like an important part of a family might have a little bit better chance of convincing him to join.

Kid-Tested-Mom-ApprovedMoving is a big deal and the peace of mind knowing that you will be welcome is a major burden that gets lifted. Having the mom ‘seal of approval’ also makes a big difference.

Maybe this is the icing on the cake, so to speak, for Gang Green’s pitch. Maybe it won’t have an effect, but one thing is for sure – the Jets put their best foot forward. Good move by the Jets.


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