A Revis Return?

witness revis

Darrelle Revis has been cleared of all charges after the sports world all but banished him from the planet in wake of assault accusations.  The timing was poor, but it had little to do with his release from the Jets last week: a dreadful season and saving $9 million dollars made that decision easy.

One of the best players in franchise and league history could be in for a return to the Jets, but at a new position.  Revis admits he needs to change from corner to safety. He and Todd Bowles spoke about the switch last season. The Jets and Revis parted on good terms, leaving the door open for a third reunion.

revis 2Revis will not want to be remembered for how awful he played last season, so he most certainly will play next year – any insinuation otherwise is just posturing to drive up interest. He is guaranteed to be paid $6 million by the Jets, no matter what he does. He will play.

While the Jets are building for the future, it is not uncommon that they would fill out certain positions with older veterans, to be mentors of sorts.  The player gets a chance to rehab their career, earn one last paycheck, play until they have nothing left or whatever their motivation.

Revis certainly lost half a step, but he is still fast enough and has the football intelligence to thrive at safety. He has displayed a willingness to teach young corners. It is almost guaranteed the Jets will draft a corner, if not two in the upcoming draft. The luster on Calvin Pryor seems to have worn off, so it could be that the Jets will have a need for a safety (should they trade him).

revis groupIf Revis returns, the ideal scenario would be as such: He is on a one-year deal as he establishes a new career as a safety. The new/ young corners lean on Revis for technical guidance. Finally, Revis finds a new team in 2018 as he seeks to prolong his career.  It is not unheard of and shouldn’t be unexpected.


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