Morris Claiborne Joins Jets Secondary


OH YEAH! BIG signing, Jets are going to the Super Bowl now, lock-down corner… Chill out, this is a good addition, but context is needed.

Some members of the media, including Rich Cimini of the Jets beat are overselling what Claiborne brings to the team.  Cimini characterizes Claiborne as the Revis replacement, but MC should not have that expectation put on his shoulders. Especially when you look at the details of his career and signing.’s Darryl Slater reports that the Jets gave Claiborne a one-year, $5 million deal. A one-year prove it deal is certainly not asking him to become a shut down corner.

Claiborne (27) was the 6th overall pick in the 2012 draft and has not lived up to those expectations.  He has been a good, not great corner. MC has only played in 47 of 80 potential career games: the saying goes, “The best ability is availability.”

Morris Claiborne is a good low risk addition to the Jets secondary. He will be the defacto #1 corner on name and talent to start training camp, but won’t be handed the job.  Expect the Jets to still add a corner, if not two in the upcoming draft.



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