The Free Agent QB’s & The Jets

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The Jets are currently hosting Josh McCown and all signs are pointing to him having a seat at the team’s QB meetings in 2017.

Before that happens, look at the other quarterbacks currently available and examine if he is the best option for the Jets in their current state.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota VikingsJay Cutler:

Ties to the offensive coaching staff: Yes – Jeremy Bates. Probably the most talented of the bunch but certainly the most divisive. At best, Cutler could probably eek out an 8-8 season for the Jets, but what good would that do? Fans, the media and the team know that Cutler would not be the long term solution. It would just pass the buck on finding a long term answer to 2018. Decision: Nope

kaepernickColin Kaepernick:

Ties to the offensive coaching staff: Yes – John Morton.    A few years removed from the Super Bowl, his career is at a crossroads. Kaepernick is at his best in a pistol offense. On a terrible 49ers team he did throw for 16 TD’s and only 4 INT’s. In the Jets current state, good enough to get the team to 6 wins. Again, passing the buck. Decision: Nope

chaseChase Daniel:

Ties to the offensive coaching staff: None. Recently released by the Eagles.  Hyped up and paid like the best backup QB in the NFL.  He could be worth a flyer by the Jets, but what is his upside? He has bounced around the league between four teams. Even if he plays well, the Jets would be best served moving on after 2017.   Decision: Maybe

Robert Griffin IIIRobert Griffin III:

Ties to the offensive coaching staff: None. One of the best rookie seasons ever that finished with a knee injury. The same knee injury has all but destroyed his career.  RG3 can no longer stay healthy and when he plays is completely ineffective. Decision: Pass


case keenumCase Keenum:

Ties to the offensive coaching staff: Karl Dorrell (Was the Texans QB coach in 2012 when Keenum was signed). Signed as an undrafted free agent by the Texans when Maccagnan was still in charge of the draft. Keenum has started in 24 career games and won’t exactly lead the team to victories with a 9-15 record. Keenum has earned his role in the NFL after going undrafted. Keenum is best served as a backup at this point in his career, either to an established vet or a mentor to a prospect (though that didn’t really help Jared Goff) Decision: If there is nothing left.

New York Jets v Tennessee TitansMark Sanchez:

Ties to the offensive coaching staff: None. Would the Jets really go there?! Probably not. He is what he is at this point in his career: a backup. The Broncos handed an oppotunity to start last year and he threw it away. Some have said that he would be a better mentor to Hack and Petty after the success of Dak Prescott – if that were true, why are the Cowboys seeking to replace him with Josh McCown. Decision: Nope

The Jets are a team looking for a franchise QB.  If a band-aid QB gets them 5 to 8 wins does that help them?

If McCown does sign with the Jets, it means the franchise likely believes Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg is close to winning the job. McCown will serve as the hurdle they have to clear in camp to earn it.


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