Why Kaepernick isn’t an option for the Jets.


There are numerous quarterbacks on the market that the Jets could sign as they look for a veteran option.

Famous New Yorker and sports mascot Spike Lee believes that the Jets should be the team to employ Colin Kaepernick during the 2017 season.

giphyIn 2016, Kaepernick started 11 games for the talent deprived 49ers: only winning one of those games. He completed 59% of his passes, threw for 16 TD’s and 4 Int’s. Kap was also a threat on the ground, averaging 6.8 yards per rush on 69 attempts. He did take 36 sacks last season, some of that due to his o-line, some to his elongated throwing motion. Kap certainly has talent left to succeed at the position, but last year proved he can not win without talented players around him.

161205 Indianapolis Colts vs New York JetsqenunwaNow the Jets currently have more talented receivers than the 49ers did last season and offensive coordinator John Morton has worked with Kap during the Harbaugh years. There is possibility for success there, but the Jets appear committed to building a young roster, as Kristian Dyer points out. That means the Jets want to give Bryce Petty  or Christian Hackenberg an opportunity to win the job in camp and develop over the course of a season.

That is is the reality of the situation: The Jets want to go young, Kaepernick (going on 30) is trying to rejuvenate his career and find a long-term home. From that mentality, the two parties interests do not mesh. To be clear, winning is certainly a goal of the franchise in 2017 for the Jets, but the team needs to allow one of their two young quarterbacks to learn on the job: that means mistakes will be made.

The other part of the reality is that some owners will not allow Kaepernick to wear their team’s jersey. Whether it is for personal belief or because of the reaction of their local community, Kaepernick has instigated a deep hatred among some for his political stance.

The NFL is a BIG business. Some owners won’t risk a boycott of their team. In the NFL, every dollar lost is a dollar not earned. The NFL is the epitome of greed, they want every dollar they can obtain.

SorryPostIt-660x523Kaepernick should find a job in the NFL this season, but as the Jets are trying to build young, he unfortunately does not fit into their plan. If this were last season, he would have been a much better fit than Fitzpatrick.


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