Looking Back at Geno Smith’s Time as a Jet

geno smith

Geno Smith was never welcomed to the Jets. He was rarely put in a position to succeed and with numerous opportunities, did little to change anyone’s mind.

He is now a member of the New York Giants and it is for the best.

One of John Idzik’s famous failed draft selections (he wanted to take him 13th overall in the 2013 draft if it wasn’t for Rex suggesting Sheldon Richardson), Smith was thrust into the starting lineup as a rookie after Mark Sanchez was injured in the preseason. Amazingly, with a smoke & mirrors offense including Chris Ivory, Jeremy Kerley, David Nelson, Stephen Hill and Kellen Winslow the Jets found a way to finish 8-8 with Smith navigating the craft.

The next season, Idzik went wild to support his franchise pick… he bought a #2 receiver in Eric Decker. The team bottomed out as the pressure fell on Smith to compensate for a defense with no ability to stop the pass.  Rex Ryan and Idzik were toast. Enter Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan.

Smith was still to be the starter under Bowles. It wasn’t exactly an exciting decision for the fans, but the prevailing thought was, “Let’s see what he can do.” The team seemed to agree and got help (CBA spending requirements were also a big factor in that process). Mac bought low on Brandon Marshall. Finally an offense for Geno. The defense was addressed. His opportunity was on a silver platter…

punch face  Stupidly, Geno didn’t pay money he owed to I.K. Enemkpali and even worse, I.K. broke the jaw of the starting QB.  Geno was out for two months and Enemkpali was out of a job with the Jets.  Ryan Fitzpatrick took over and played very pedestrian for the first 10 weeks of the year.

After an agonizing loss to the Texans, a window appeared for Geno to get another chance. Fitz slammed it shut as he got red hot and put the Jets on a potential playoff run, but that froze up in a cold Buffalo.

Fitz, with dollar signs blinding him, demanded a large contract. The Jets called his bluff and postured going in to the season with Geno as the starter in 2016. Fans emotions to the idea of Geno starting ranged from ambivalent at best to anathema at worst.  Fitz eventually caved and took a one year deal. He reverted back to form and was eventually benched for Smith against the Ravens.

-Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. –

True to form, Geno tore his ACL against the Ravens and his season was dashed.

Like a child who doesn’t care about a toy until someone else plays with it, some members of the Jets media suggested Geno would be the best option for the team in 2017. Why? What would be different this year compared to the previous four? The road will only end in disappointment, as it has done each time before.

Geno’s NFL career is Murphy’s law. He fell to the second round when he expected to be a 1st rounder. He told a reporter on the draft dais, “We are going to make the playoffs.” (They haven’t since he was drafted) In his rookie season, he and the team overachieved, setting expectations too high. The sophomore year, the GM proved incompetent and left Smith out to dry. Geno had his jaw broken when he seemingly had a fresh start to own the job with a competent supporting cast. Then he tore his ACL in his final opportunity.

It was never meant to be. Geno is with the Giants, wish him well.


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