Sheldon Richardson’s Trade Value

NFL: New York Jets-Press Conference

A report surfaced this week that Sheldon Richardson is drawing interest from at least two teams, but only worth a fourth round pick… That is nonsense. The story mentions the ever famous ‘unnamed sources’ so that could be anyone from a GM, Coach, Public Relations member, Scout, an agent or even Richardson’s people (which is most likely the source).

Richardson is a top talent at a premier position. Despite the perception that Richardson’s trade value is nil, other teams do want him. Mike Maccagnan has said he will try to acquire more picks in this draft and one way he will do that, aside from trying to trade down, is trading away a surplus of assets.

leonard-williams-blake-bortles-1f0c70eb16a4f04cOne of either Richardson or Mo Wilkerson was likely to be the odd man out after the Jets drafted Leonard Williams.  It appears that was going to be Wilkerson after the Jets tried to keep Damon Harrison but were outbid by the Giants. The Jets made Wilkerson one of the top paid DE’s in football.

Richardon has made Sophie’s Choice into more of an obvious decision after his bizarre behavior off the field in the past two years.  Reckless driving, a four game suspension (substance abuse) a first-quarter benching by Todd Bowles against the Dolphins for showing up late to meetings, fighting with Brandon Marshall and a Snapchat post that had no business being filmed. Then consider he is coming off a 1.5 sack season.


Quickness to cross the face, extend and finish with a sack.

All this being said, Richardson’s talent puts him as one of the preeminent DT’s in the league.He thrives as a 3 and 5 technique lineman and can generate pressure from a 1 technique in passing downs.




His burst off the line and strong bull rush. Desire to finish a play.


This draft is not rich with top DL talent the same as it is at other positions.  Should a team miss out on a difference maker at the top of the draft a second round pick could be reasonable compensation.  Is that likely, no, but what is more likely is the acquisition of  3rd & 5th round picks.

Which teams could be looking to add Richardson? Teams that are trying to compete for a title: Baltimore, Seattle and Indianapolis – All teams that were awarded compensatory picks. Those can be traded now.  Other teams to keep an eye on would be Chicago,  Washington, Dallas and San Diego.

The closer to the draft the Jets get, the more value Richardson has.  With $8 million on the final year of his deal, he will have to work out an extension with his new team.  Richardson will be on a new team, and for more than what current media types will have you believe.


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