Does drafting a QB at 6 make sense for the Jets?

NFL: 2014 NFL Draft

No, it doesn’t… unless the multiple reports relying on ‘unnamed sources’ are to be believed that Christian Hackenberg was a mistake. To this point, all Jets fans have to go on is innuendo, pessimism and a few preseason games of a rookie to declare Hackenberg a waste.

ethereal smoke backgroundTo this point, the Jets have been connected with just about every QB in the 2017 draft; whether it is one of the 1st rounders or mid rounders. Smokescreen? Likely. It has the same sentiment of “me thinks thou doth protest too much.” The same way that the Jets were connected to every free agent QB other than Josh McCown until the last minute. Look for who the Jets have not been connected too as much and the answer may lie underneath.

wolf favreShould the Jets take a QB this year: ABSOLUTELY. They probably will because Mike Maccagnan subscribes to the wisdom of Ron Wolf – one of the two men who recommended Woody Johnson hire him.  Wolf believes that smart NFL teams should draft a QB, no matter the roster situation. As the NFL has drifted towards more passing, the value of good QB play is more important than any position. So it won’t be shocking if and when the Jets take another signal caller this year.

As the days inch closer to the draft, the value of Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Tribusky and Patrick Maholmes continue to rise ( Deshone Kizer’s stock has been a little quiet, but that can mean numerous things). What is their actual value though, if the NFL didn’t habitually push QBs up draft boards out of desperation?

One thing that appears to be a consensus is that no QB in this draft is a day one starter. Additionally with the restrictions on offseason practices, it almost prevents rookie QBs from succeeding, so if the Jets do draft a QB, they would be best served sitting him – the same as they did with Hackenberg and Bryce petty and hack2Petty before him. From that standpoint, investing heavy draft capital so high might be a case of chasing one’s tail. The team still needs to address many other positions of need. There are potential ‘safe’ draft picks the team would be wise to invest in.

Right now the Jets are best served letting their two young QBs compete in camp. Look for the Jets to trade down from #6 or invest in a position player.


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