Swap Richard Sherman for Sheldon Richardson – Does it Make Sense?


Name for name a trade makes sense but from a practical standpoint, would it be a good deal for both the Jets and Seahawks to swap Sheldon Richardson for Richard Sherman?

Richard-Sherman-Seahawks-Wallpaper-nfl-33152085-2816-1583On the field fit: The Seahawks could use another pass rushing defensive lineman. Ahtyba Rubin and Jarran Reed generated just 2.5 sacks for the Seahawks from the DT position. The Jets could use a cornerback to pair with Morris Claiborne and push Buster Skrine into his natural slot position. –Position fit, yes.

johnny-automatic-bag-of-moneySalary cap and contracts: Richardson is on the final year of his contract making $8 million. Sherman is making $14 million this year.  The Jets and Seahawks each have around $9.5 million in cap space this year.  Doable, but the Jets would then crunch their remaining cap space this year.  New York would likely have to restructure another player’s deal to sign their rookies. For Seattle, they would likely want to work out a long term deal with Richardson.  –If the teams wanted to do it, they could.

usp-nfl-los-angeles-rams-at-seattle-seahawks-1_origLocker room and leadership: Sheldon Richardson carries multiple on and off-field troubles with him – from arrests, suspensions and otherwise embarrassing behavior. Richard Sherman isn’t without his warts either. A very proud man, Sherman is prone to voice displeasure with the coaching staff when he thinks he knows better (Part of the reason he is available). Sherman also has no hesitance to voice his opinions against the league. –How much are the teams willing to deal with.

richardson seahawksAge: Richardson will turn 27 this season (November). Sherman just turned 29 last month. –Better deal for Seattle, Jets are trying to build younger

Verdict: While it sounds enticing to Jets fans and media types, it wouldn’t be the best fit. Both teams are trying to trade away troubled assets. The Jets would take the bigger value hit: acquiring an older player, taking on more cap space and they would likely have to throw in a mid-round draft pick as well. The Seahawks would be taking a bigger risk in terms of Richardson’s potential behavior. It probably won’t happen.


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