Exploring the 6th Pick – Mitchell Tribusky


With the 6th pick the New York Jets select… That answer will be revealed on April 27th. For now, one potential option could be North Carolina QB Mitchell Tribusky.

The artist formerly known as Mitch was a one year starter at UNC. For an unknown reason, Mitchell was not able to beat out Marquise Williams. Perhaps he wasn’t good enough or it was booster politics. Maybe Larry Fedora simply didn’t like the way he dressed.  Whatever the reason Tribusky leaves UNC after just one year of playing in college. From that perspective he raises concerns many had about Mark Sanchez when he left USC.

tribusky2Tribusky meets the minimum benchmarks as far as measurables – 6’2″ 220 lbs. His preparation for the NFL may need some time however. He worked almost exclusively out of the shotgun – similar to a recent draft pick, Bryce Petty. From that standpoint, it would be best for him to sit a year.

Film Watched: Pittsburgh,  Stanford, Duke

  • Excellent arm strength.  Can power the ball outside the the numbers across his body with accuracy.
  • Good touch to float the ball to receiver in stride or drop the ball in the basket underneath defenders.
  • Inconsistent base. Feet are not always set and stride is sloppy on outside throws. Fundamentals breakdown when rolling out of the pocket. Throws off back foot when he feels pressured.
  • Has a dangerous habit to throw against the grain downfield through traffic.
  • Can be fooled by front 7 defenders dropping in disguised coverage and safeties in robber.

tribusky3It cannot go unmentioned, Ryan Switzer was a HUGE asset to Tribusky in college.  Switzer dominated: frequently providing an open target and making tough catches. That isn’t to say Tribusky can’t succeed without him, but it can be an adjustment not having that security blanket.

Could he be an option for the Jets at 6? They have certainly shown enough interest – although they have met with just about every available QB prospect. The answer will be revealed on April 27th.


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