Jets Top 10 All-Time Draft Picks

jets afl

The Jets have an unfortunate reputation for drafting poorly (mostly due to that clip from ESPN). In reality, the Jets have done very well in the draft over the years.  Here are 10 of the top picks the Jets have ever made.

  1. revis witnessDarrelle Revis – 1st Rounder 2007 – Seven time Pro Bowler, four time All-Pro, 2009 AFC defensive player of the year (Should have been NFL, Charles Woodson stole it). Perhaps the best cover corner ever.
  2. New York Jets QB Joe NamathJoe Namath – 1st Round 1965 – NFL Hall of Famer, Led NFL in passing yards and Tds in 1972. Won Super Bowl III. The iconic Jet. The guarantee. No. 12 retired
    by the Jets.
  3. wwalkerWesley Walker – 2nd Round 1977 – Two time Pro Bowler, One time All-Pro, Led the league in receiving in 1978. 438 catches, 8,306 receiving yards, 71 TDs.
  4. mark-gastineau-de_pg_600Mark Gastineau – 2nd Round 1979 – Five Time Pro Bowler and All-Pro, NFL Defensive Player of the Year 1982, Lead the league in sacks ’83 & ’84. Held the NFL record for most in a season with 22. Finished career with 107.5 sacks (plus the ones that weren’t counted during his first few seasons.
  5. KLeckoNYJ-720908Joe Klecko – Sixth Round 1977 – Four time Pro Bowler, Two time All-Pro, 1981 Defensive Player of the year, Had 20.5 sacks in the 1981 season. Career sacks unknown as the stat didn’t become official until 1983. Jets retired his number 73.
  6. altoonAl Toon – 1st Round 1985 – Three time Pro Bowler & All-Pro.  1986 AFC Player of the Year. 517 catches, 6,605 yards, 31 TDS.
  7. nick-mangoldNick Mangold – 1st Round 2006 – Seven time Pro Bowler, Two time All-Pro. Immediately stepped in after Kevin Mawae and played center for the Jets the next 11 seasons.
  8. Obrien2Ken O’Brien – 1st Round 1983 – Two Time Pro Bowler, 1985 AFC Player of the Year. Threw for a perfect rating twice, 158.3 – the first quarterback to do so while throwing 400+ yards. Finished with a 11-10 record vs Dan Marino, who many fans were outraged the Jets didn’t take.
  9. mcneilx-largeFreeman McNeil – 1st Round 1981 – Three time Pro Bowler & All Pro. Retired as Jets all time leading rusher (8,074 yards) before Curtis Martin passed him.  Also a threat through the air he caught 295 passes for 2,961 yards.
  10. lewis1Mo Lewis – 3rd Round 1991 – Three Time Pro Bowler & Two Time All Pro. Lewis was  staple and dominant force for the New York Jets.  He finished with 52.5 sacks, 29 forced fumbles and 14 interceptions.

There are still some terrific players that did not make this list.  Additionally there is one player who did not make the list – Wayne Chrebet – only because he was undrafted. The Jets have a list of great players that can stack up against most other NFL teams selections.


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