Exploring the 6th pick – Gareon Conley


With the 6th pick the New York Jets select… That answer will be revealed on April 27th. For now, one potential option could be Ohio State CB Gareon Conley.

lattimoreconleyFor the past few months Ohio State CB Marshon Lattimore has been heralded as the best cover man in the draft. This past week, his teammate Gareon Conley has seen his stock rise. Conley will visit with the Jets this week and may be an option for Gang Green.  The 6th pick might be a little high for Conley, but his skill set is a better fit for Todd Bowles’ defense.

Conley possesses good size: 6’0″ 195lbs – had good productivity: 4 Ints – and according to reports has a passion for the game.

Film Watched: Penn State, Oklahoma, Michigan, Clemson, Nebraska

  • Works for inside leverage and utilizes sideline as an extra defender. Must work on turning head to defend the fade.
  • Excellent in press and good instincts in zone. Struggles vs crossing routes and gets grabby.
  • Recovers quickly on comeback routes. Closes with good position to make a play on the ball – eight pass breakups.
  • Plays light. Gets bullied by blockers and tackling lacks form.

Good Conley, flipping hips, running route for WR, turning around to make a play /\

Bad Conley, turned hips the wrong way and boxed out /\

Is Conley a realistic option for the Jets at 6, probably not, but recent behavior by the Jets suggests they are going to try to move down. Conley could certainly be the choice if the Jets are in the 10-15 range.


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