All quiet on the Jets media front.

hand recorder

Do you think that the old guard of the Jets media portrays an honest representation of the team? Do you think they rise above taking cheap shots at the team or their players?

saltyToday some of the Jets media and their brethren got a little salty with a team decision to release canned quotes from New York’s players.  All told, it was much ado about nothing.

Dennis Waszak of the AP wrote around the quotes. (A good article by the way). Truthfully, they were the kind of bland quotes fans have come to expect, regardless of who asked the questions. Reality is NFL media relations teams have been doing their job long enough to know most of the questions that will be asked ahead of time. More often than not, players and coaches are prepped what to expect in media sessions.

Did fans miss out on anything from a media perspective? Compare it with last year – there were two stories that came out of minicamp – Muhammad Wilkerson skipped camp as he was unhappy with a lack of a long-term contract and Ryan Fitzpatrick was unsigned (subsequent speculation about trading for Sam Bradford).  Most Jets fans are familiar with the narratives for the 2017 team.

unhappyts3This whole affair feels like a group who is unhappy they can’t play with their toy. Then again when articles like the fabricated Wilkerson ‘out-of-shape’ story and the incessant ‘Christian Hackenberg was a wasted pick’ slant hang over the team, can you blame the Jets for wanting to protect their business?

If the story is already written, why would you need to ask a question?


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