There will be a run on quarterbacks – How the Jets could benefit.

150502 Draft Room Photos - Photos During the 4th Round Draft Pick - Bryce Petty

There have been A LOT of rumblings from teams in the top 10 wanting to trade down (not that this is unique to any draft).  As the draft gets closer, the perceived value of the 2017 quarterback prospects continues to rise.

Unless the Jets are dead set on drafting one of the top QBs, a desired position player could fall to them or a trade partner could emerge.

tribusky 2Mitchell Tribusky is the hot name at the top of the draft. The Browns publicly are waffling on taking Tribusky over Myles Garrett. It’s unlikely they would make such a move but given the Bills recent interest in him (the owner went to see him) and the 49ers public statements about the No. 2 being being available the Browns may be trying to spark a trade partner. Imagine, the Bills trade up with the 49ers for Tribusky, suddenly the trigger fingers of teams like the Browns (at 12) the Cardinals and Texans get itchy. Especially the Texans – more on them in a bit.

watsonA team worth keeping an eye on is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Three years ago, they surprised many taking Blake Bortles.  Since taking over Tom Coughlin has made it abundantly clear he is not married to Bortles. With Doug Marrone coaching the team, it wouldn’t be shocking if the team dipped their toes back in the QB water – sitting the top pick for a year with Bortles getting his final shot. It shouldn’t be a shock if Deshaun Watson were Jacksonville’s choice at four.

mahomesPatrick Mahomes is the other hot name among prospects. He was once considered a top of round 2 candidate, but seems to be more a top 15 lock at the moment.  It is unlikely Houston will get their man at 25.  They will be forced to pick up the phone and a former colleague could be on the receiving end: Mike Maccagnan. Would the Jets take an offer of the No 25 pick, a third, 6th and 2018 first rounder? They should. Would Houston do that? How desperate are they as their championship window may be closing soon? Bob McNair has shown his impulsive ways twice with Brock Osweiler.

scrooge mcduck.gifImagine then, if Tribusky AND Watson go top 5 – as many as three teams could be clamoring to lock in their choice of Mahomes or Kizer (although Kizer seems like a forgotten man in recent weeks). The Jets will either reap the rewards of trading down or a player of their choice: Jamal Adams, Malik Hooker, OJ Howard or Leonard Fournette, will fall into their lap.

At seems almost certain Mitchell Tribusky will be a top 5 selection. Once he does, the dominoes may fall and the Jets could be there to collect.


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