Sheldon Richardson and Eric Decker trades?

New York Jets

Pro Football Focus and ESPN writer Bill Barnwell recently wrote about two trades they would like to see. Included in each are Jets players Sheldon Richardson and Eric Decker. How plausible are each?

sheldon-richardson2PFF suggests the Raiders as a destination for Sheldon Richardson. The compensation – a third round pick.  The Raiders are certainly a potential suitor, now more than before with the release of DT Dan Williams. Defensive line was a position of need for the Raiders heading in to the draft. Adding an instant impact player like Richardson, in addition to a 1st or 2nd round d-lineman could be the missing ingredients for a championship run. Richardson for the Raiders 3rd – Plausible.

Eric_Decker_2016Barnwell suggested something much more complex with Eric Decker. He speculates the Jets swap the 5th and 6th overall pick with the Titans, as well as 2017 5th round (150/ Jets to Titans) for 6th (214/Titans to Jets) with Tennessee also getting Decker. Barnwell suggests the Jets move up one spot for a QB.  This is an absurd trade from the Jets perspective – giving up Decker and 64 spots in the 5th/6th round range to move up one spot in the 1st round. In spite of Decker recovering from two injuries, he has more value to the Jets for the 2017 season as they develop a young QB. Conversely, if the Jets do trade him, he would have more value in what they could recoup. Decker in a package to Titans – Unlikely.

If the rumors about the Jets and Browns pulling off a draft day trade for the 6th pick come to fruition, certain veterans could become expendable. With more draft choices in their arsenal, roster spots will need to be vacated and playing time will need to be made available. Even if they don’t come true, it shouldn’t prevent the Jets from exploring trades for both veterans.


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