The Absurdity of the Jets Trading Up

mike mskeptical

Today Ian Rapoport (known to spread the odd fake rumor or two) reported that the Jets would be a team to watch as far as trading up to the #2 spot.

Not sure if report is ridiculous or just B.S.

That the Jets would move up to the two or three spot is bonkers. First Rapoport cited NO sources – not even anonymous ones. Naturally, it seems dubious.

First, consider that the Jets in recent weeks have been linked to trading down, not up. Second, the Jets have several needs across the team, many of which can be addressed in the second through fourth round of this draft. Tight end, corner back, outside linebacker, running back and safety are all positions that are believed to be deep in this class. Many of them with elite upside. Why would Maccagnan pass that opportunity for a quarterback with a low ceiling? Some fans may be sour on Maccagnan, but he is NOT dumb.

Third, it would be outside the M.O. of Mike Maccagnan. At no point has Big Mac shown any tendency to mortgage the future of the team, for any reason. The biggest move he has made to this point was trading a future 4th rounder for Brandon Shell, last draft. That is hardly a BIG trade.

It doesn’t make any sense that the Jets would trade up.  None. This just feels like more rumor filler in the dead period leading to the draft.


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