A Jets How To: Don’t Feed the Trolls


The Jets are the team that the NFL community loves to hate. The lazy media types frequently target Gang Green when they want attention. With a 24/7 football world and the need to make flashy headlines, the Jets are easy prey.

Jets fans don’t make it easy on themselves.  They suffer from the intelligence trap. Jets fans are some of the most knowledgeable in the NFL. To that effect, when someone exaggerates a criticism of the team, Jets fans spring to the team’s defense.

The criticism is over-the-top. It doesn’t have to be based in fact or reality and it doesn’t need context. However you respond, there is no right answer. The mere reaction gives the response credibility.

troll.gifYou as a Jets fan know what the team is. You don’t need the media’s approval.  You don’t need to convince other fan bases. They can all take a flying leap.

The media troll is often defiant when called on their attention seeking ways. “I’m just doing my job,” is a response from some media types. The simple retort – “Your job is to lie?” — Or, “It’s my opinion.” Simply: “Go get an educated opinion.”

Ignore the trolls. Don’t enable them and help their career. They feed on your outrage, your protests and your energy. Like a child who acts out when they don’t get what they want, if you ignore them, they simply disarm.


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