Jets Take Maye & Stewart – Get More Picks

jets pick.jpg

The Jets topped off their defense on day two of the draft – literally. After adding Jamal Adams they took Florida safety Marcus Maye to pair with him. They will now have two young safeties in an area many felt was a weakness of the team last season.

What did people think of Maye before the draft? He left a positive impression at his pro day, Versatile, instincts of a free safety, a complete safety, but will need some time to refine his deep cover skills.

Before they drafted Maye, the Jets traded down with Minnesota and collected an extra 5th round pick.  They would do so again after making their next selection: Ardarius Stewart. A “badass.”

Stewart is a ‘complete receiver’ in the eyes of Brian Billick. He plays hardcore with the ball in his hands – either making the defender miss or punishing him for getting in the way.  He does everything, even though he needs some refinement.  He adjusts to coverages (1st gif). If he polishes his craft, he has top 10 WR upside in the NFL.

He torches Auburn:

As mentioned the Jets traded their second 3rd round pick – 107 overall for the 125th and 204th (4th and 6th rounders) – to the Buccaneers.  They begin day three with six draft choices, something many Jets fans and pundits said they needed: more choices.


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