The first time was nice, they did it twice – Jets drafted WR Chad Hansen.


If New York surprised people when they took ArDarius Stewart, they certainly stunned any left over when they chose Chad Hansen. The Jets traded out of their second third round pick before selecting Hansen. To say he fell to the Jets would be an understatement. Daniel Jeremiah, of NFL media, had Hansen ranked as the 48th best player on his big board.  The Jets took him at pick 141.

What is his role: Right now, Eric Decker has one year left with the Jets – maybe less if they cut or trade him. In 2018, they would save $7.5 million by releasing him, so you can just about guarantee the Jets will move on from Decker.  Hansen and Decker have a similar build, so it isn’t hard to envision the Jets drafted him as a replacement. They will try to develop him as a #2 wide receiver and he probably needs about a year to get his feet under him.

enunw.0.gifWhy draft him: Similar to drafting ArDarius Stewart, the Jets are building around the quarterback position.  His size will be an asset on the outside and if he develops into an adequate player, it will allow the Jets to move their other receivers around the field. Robbie Anderson has proven himself in the slot as has Quincy Enunwa who also has show well from the X position. In time he should provide the Jets formation and package versatility. – Additionally, after losing Devin Smith to a second knee injury the Jets decided they could add another young receiver into the fold.

Film: Texas, Stanford, Arizona State

  • Attacks press coverage with quick stutter steps. Can learn to utilize hands better.
  • Aggressive hands catcher, snatches the ball in flight. Tracks the ball well through the air, grabbing at its highest point. Flashes the occasional circus catch.
  • Athletic, fluid body control to spin for a back shoulder throw.
  • Has an extra gear to run away from most defenders.
  • Proves to be a threat at all levels. Navigates blockers well off screens and separates from defenders downfield.
  • Good effort as a blocker.

Similar to ArDarius Stewart, Hansen showed good awareness to what the coverage was dictating and adjusted.  If something can be read into it, it would seem John Morton will want to incorporate more option routes into the playbook. That will put a lot of pressure on the receivers and quarterback to be on the same page. If it fails, there will be a few frustrating games.  If it succeeds, the offense will be very difficult to defend.


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