Braylon Edwards vs Woody Johnson — Buy Long Pt. 2

braylon edwards

Braylon Edwards career with the Jets was brief but it was exciting. He was a core component of the two AFC championship runs in ’09 & ’10. The Jets chose to break up the band before the 2011 season and the team hasn’t been the same since. Edwards is still a little salty about that.

be flight crewThis past week, Edwards called out Johnson after the Jets owner suggested that the 2017 Jets should be judged by progress.  Edwards feels the Jets would still be successful if they kept everyone on board after 2010. For reference, Edwards was allowed to walk in free agency, Jerricho Cotchery, Jason Taylor & Kris Jenkins were cut and Damien Woody retired.

The release of Cotchery was dumb, it was a bad move then and proved worse over time.  The other moves were reasonable. Jenkins knee was no longer healthy, Taylor and Woody were at the end of the road and Edwards played in just nine games for the 49ers because of a balky knee.  Reality was the Jets problems stemmed from poor drafting. For example, Vladimir Ducasse was expected to develop into a right tackle but couldn’t. Between he and Wayne Hunter, Mark Sanchez’s right side protection was exposed. It became all too apparent after a Monday night game against the Ravens when Nick Mangold was injured. Sanchez was pummeled repeatedly and never recovered.

Keeping the team together wasn’t an option after 2010. Cap crunch and aging veterans were the Jets reality.  It would have been nice to make one more run in 2011, but unless players were willing to take big pay cuts and father time played nice, it wasn’t going to happen.

large_woody-johnson416It has taken Woody a long time to come around to building through the draft, but it is the best course for the team.  Criticizing Johnson for his comments about today’s team for problems in the past is anger being vented. All Jets fans wish one of those teams from ’09 & ’10 brought home a title – surely Woody Johnson does. If there is one thing that is never in doubt, Woody wants to win. He wants to win too much in fact. His desire to win is what led the Jets to make so many short term moves.

insanity.pngThe definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Woody Johnson and the Jets are trying something different, better late than never.


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