Jumping the Gun on Robby Anderson

Robby Anderson

Over the weekend Robby Anderson was arrested for allegedly pushing a police officer and resisting arrest at a Miami concert. On the surface that is not good, no one should push an officer. However, it is only the charge not a conviction. All of the facts aren’t in.

Often times charges are levied that do not accurately reflect what happen during the incident. Have you ever received a speeding ticket and found the officer tacked on reckless driving plus another moving violation and all you did was exceed the limit by two miles per hour? 

That may not be what happened, but maybe it is?

Connor Hughes of NJ.com did some investigating and found that the cop who arrested Anderson is not the highest character guy. On separate occasions the officer has had accusations of harassment, excessive force and waving his gun during a traffic stop. None of this means that what happened with Anderson isn’t on the level. However, it does raise questions and paint a cloudy picture.

innocent-until-proven-guilty-quotesSome in the Jets media believe that New York should go to the extreme of cutting Anderson – some so far as to cut him right now.  Innocent until proven guilty means something: It has to.  Let the facts bear out before ANY decisions are made.

There is an argument that because the Jets are moving forward with a young core they should weed out any players with negative marks. They cite the way that some players ran afoul of the law or otherwise proved troublesome to the team locker room last year. Maybe the Jets were too lenient last year.

chill pillIs firing Anderson appropriate in this situation? That seem like an extreme. Letting him skirt with a slap on the wrist is the other extreme. There has to be a middle ground then right? Should the facts bear out that Anderson was in the wrong, the Jets should suspend him four games. (It is his first run-in with the law) If not, then everyone needs to collectively chill with the constant rushing to judgment. People are unique, no one wants to be treated with a blanket zero tolerance policy. A football team is a business after all. Each situation needs to be dealt with uniquely – you are dealing with people.


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