Who starts across from Morris Claiborne?


mwilliamsMorris Claiborne was signed to a one-year deal to take over the left corner spot after releasing Darrelle Revis. Buster Skrine is likely to revert to his starting spot at the nickel. Who will be the third corner: Marcus Williams or Juston Burris?

It is fair to assume that Williams is the starter by default heading in to camp. When Williams has played he is a double-edged sword. In the past two seasons he has led the Jets in interceptions [ six in 2015 & two in 2016]. However, he finished second in the league allowing 7.9 yards after the catch last year. Williams gambles.

Presumably with better safety play this season Williams won’t get exposed as heavily and he will be able to take smarter gambles. Having a corner back who takes chances isn’t inherently a bad thing – if he forces turnovers. Given his takeaways, Williams will be valuable. Providing a young offense with a short field and more offensive opportunities is an enormous benefit.

All that being said, last years fourth round pick Juston Burris quickly showed a lot of promise when given his opportunity. He finished the season with five passes defended. He ability to

For example, in the second game against Miami, Burris took advantage of a poorly thrown pass by Matt Moore to get his first career interception. What is impressive is Burris’ ability and confidence to turn his head and track the ball in the air – it is a skill that many corners take to develop; if they ever do. Given that the Jets will be playing a lot of press and trail with their corners, Burris is proving capable of playing at a good to high level.


Among many competitions in training camp, Williams and Burris should be a good one. Again, with the improved safety play over the top, the Jets secondary shouldn’t be Swiss cheese like last season.


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