Jets dead money 2017 – Really?


Another example of making a mountain of a molehill. You might have seen this week that the Jets have the second most dead money in the NFL this season.  There is little reason for this matter to be sold as a problem – for this season.  (All info pulled from

buy-time-holidays-shoppingTHE JETS CAN’T MANAGE THE CAP! – Bull. The Jets are going young this year. As such, young players also have cheap contracts. The Jets don’t need much cap space this year, only a few of the home-grown players were up for new deals.

The players the Jets cut aren’t exactly in demand. Again, when the Maccagnan and Bowles took over, they assessed the team and decided on a two year-delayed rebuild. They had to spend money because of the CBA, certain veteran contracts would expire in 2018 and many of the free agents they did sign were designed so the team could escape this year – the same year they would go forward with young players.

fair_market_valueBUT THEY COULD HAVE SIGNED BIG FREE AGENTS THIS YEAR! – Nope. The Jets placed a value on each free agent and stuck to it.  Dont’a Hightower, Tony Jefferson and Nick Perry could have been Jets, if the Patriots, Ravens and Packers didn’t overpay to land each respective player. The Jets are coming around to being smart with their money and not borrowing from tomorrow to compete for today.

One thing of note – The Jets current dead money can be lowered. Should Darrelle Revis sign with a team, his new salary will be deducted from the Jets dead cap.

If you want to make an issue of dead money, look to 2018. Next year might have some mild concern. In addition to the $1.375 million the Jets will carry for cutting Marcus Gilchrist, the team will likely add at least $3.375 in dead money from three players.

  • Eric Decker – $1.5 Million
  • Matt Forte – $1 million
  • Steve McClendon – $875k

breakingbad_skylerwaltmoneySo by cutting those three veterans in the final year of the their respective contracts the Jets will have $4.75 million in dead cap – possibly more if they cut others. Will that make or break them – not at all, when you consider that cutting those three saves $13.75 million. Add that to the $61+ million they are projected to have, the team can play with almost $75 million in 2018.

With that money they can begin locking up Leonard Williams and Quincy Enunwa long-term. They can also make a few smart signings in free agency to supplement the team. So the whole Jets dead cap story is again, much ado about nothing.



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